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As Indian designers take over the world stage with their unique salwar suits the designs, color and material continue to become more vibrant, leading which often leaves buyer looking nothing less that movie stars when adorning these suits. Party wear designer suits are becoming more popular with all strata of Indian who look to it as a suitable traditional attire to wear to traditional engagements.

Party salwar kameez are now designed by all major designers and design houses as the demand is rising and consumers are willing to shell out big bucks for designer salwar kameez they may like. The latest designer party wear salwar suits are now readily available at all leading stores.

Designer suits: An increasing trend among women of all ages

  • Designers keep in mind that their target catchment group is no longer a young, relatively fit girl in her twenties but a more cosmopolitan woman who may be a bit older and now has the power to purchase high end designer salwar kameez suits.
  • The designer salwar kameez suits are no longer something which young women are encouraged to wear only, a rising tide of buyers and users are women who are older thus forcing designers to bring in designs and colors suited to their taste.

Coloured designer suits in accordance with season

Designer salwar kameez suits are now created in accordance with season of wear. In case a buyer is to use the designer suit at a summer garden engagement, the salwar suit will be made of lesser thick material and of material that will be relatively light but the same party in winter will force the designer to change fabric to something that will be heavier and will make the user feel a bit cosy and comfortable in the cold. Woollen fabric is also preferred for making designer suits for winter season.

Specific designs are also coming into play now with a great amount of stress being put on the tastes and preference of the local population for designs. The specific materials are also of importance in the shifting trends we see in case of party wear designs.

Key reasons why Indian women are choosing designer salwar suits:

Influence of Bollywood

With globalization coming to India in the early 90’s the trend shifted towards Designer Salwar Kameez with a western cut, which would be shorter than their predecessors and would make it easier for women to work in these salwar suits. But with the recent fashion trend in Bollywood the days of designer party wear salwar suits is growing rapidly and more people are opting for these designed suits which more often than not makes the user no lesser than a Bollywood star.

Boutique Culture:

One aspect of looking stunning at events is being unique and often such unique collections can be found at boutiques or couture’s. These couture’s not only offer a great range of salwar suits but they also come in varied price range, making it suitable for people with any budget to purchase. With new color shades and vibrant shade embellishment trending which makes the party wear look even more bedazzling.

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